Soil nutrition

Soil nutrition


AgroMag® granular is a new environmentally friendly granular magnesium fertilizer with a high content of active component.

Fertilizer is used for soil nutrition of crops. The recommendation is application in the main tillage, under pre-sowing cultivation or during sowing, or as nutrition for berry and fruit crops both as part of fertilizer mixtures or as an independent magnesium fertilizer. 

The product is odorless and has a color of light gray to brown and is produced by milling and granulating the natural mineral brucite (magnesium hydroxide). It is environmentally friendly if applied following recommendations and is suitable for use in organic production (not a chemical product).

Magnesium is a part of chlorophyll and ribosomes and is directly involved in photosynthesis and many other physiological processes in plants. Magnesium deficiency causes weakening of plants (especially during periods of drought), disrupts their growth and development, reduces yield, affects the quality of products, and fruit trees can shed of ovaries and fruits.

Therefore, the supplementing of magnesium deficiency in crops is an important task for every farmer and agricultural enterprise.

Typical composition

MgO, min 61.4 %
CaO, max 2.9 %
Granules fraction 2-4 mm, min 90 %


The highest magnesium content compared to other magnesium fertilizers
Active throughout the season,
has fungicidal properties
Not washed from the soil and does not require additional application during the growing season
Improves the effect of nitrogen
and potassium fertilizers
Reduces the mobility of aluminum and manganese, increases the availability of nitrogen, potassium and molybdenum to plants
Increases the biological activity
of the soil


Recommendations for use
pdf, 1017.52 Kb
Safety Data Sheet
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  • Article. Effect of Mg-Sulfate and Mg-Hydroxide on growth of chinese cabbage
    pdf, 3.68 Mb
  • Report. China. Magnesium fertilization improves crop yield
    pdf, 2.26 Mb

Other applications

Foliar nutrition
Foliar nutrition
Magnesium is an important nutrient for crops.
Animal nutrition
Animal nutrition
In various areas of animal husbandry, magnesium is an important element of the diet of many animal species, especially in the field of cattle, pig and poultry.
Magnesium for complex fertilizers
Magnesium for complex fertilizers
The inclusion of magnesium in complex fertilizers, such as NPK to increase fertilizer efficiency and neutralize excess acidity during the production process.
Anti-caking agent
Anti-caking agent
Improving the product characteristics of ammonium nitrate, such as caking, white color, shape and strength of granules. Also reduces sulfate deposits thereby extending equipment life.

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