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The Brucite+ products are in high demand nowadays. The vast distributor network allows to deliver them to clients all over the world.

Europiren B.V. has been the exclusive sales and distribution partner of Brucite+ since 2013. It was originally established to provide maximum support to especially the European markets, but it also serves the markets in North- and South America and Asia.

Europiren is located in the Rotterdam port area. Rotterdam is Europe’s largest logistic and industrial hub with an unrivalled location at sea and river and direct access to the dense network of European motorways. This is the ideal location to guarantee smooth logistics and timely delivery to all customers, wherever they are located.

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Mission and vision


To discover new potential for the applications ofbrucite. Brucite+ is a key link in the complexindustrial chain of our clients’ businesses, andthe mineral’s versatility inspires us and gives usconfidence to go beyond current practices andto seek out new ways to make use of thepotential of this naturally-occurring mineral.


Our aim is to establish ourselves as the leadingsuppliers of high quality and environmentallyfriendly raw materials. By continuouslyincreasing our extraction volumes and reserves,we are able to remain flexible in changingmarket conditions and promote the developmentof manufacturing industry around the world.



  • To nature and to people
  • To our employees
  • To our partners and clients
  • To ourselves
  • To whole industrial sectors
  • To science
  • A new form of currency for our times
  • Competitive advantage
  • Development and application
  • Practical benefits for all
  • A quality that can be shared
  • To stay ahead of trends
  • To stay flexible in a changing world
  • To take the initiative
  • To be one step ahead
  • To keep on moving
  • A quality that enables us to develop
  • Sustainable development and consistent quality
  • Science, industry and brucite
  • Commitment, dedication and loyalty to our brand
  • Underlies our relationships and our dealings in the market
  • The basis for our development and creativity
  • A quality that allows us to be transparent
  • Ability to please others
  • To motivate people
  • To engage rather than to advertise

From geology to innovation


The Brucite+ brand began when we revealed to the world the enormous potential of brucite, a unique and precious mineral which has important applications in many areas of industry and agriculture. It provides a solution to global challenges related to environmental protection, and helps to make many human activities safer.


The name Brucite+ comes from the naturally occurring mineral brucite, and the ways in which it is used, as expressed by the graphic symbol +, as our magnesium-based raw materials are used in the manufacture of a wide range of finished goods, which, in turn, are used by millions of people around the world.

About brucite

Brucite is a naturally occurring mineral form of magnesium hydroxide, and forms the main component of brucite ore. It was first described in 1814 and was named in 1818 after the American mineralogist A. Bruce (1777-1818). In its pure form the mineral is made up of MgO (69.12%) and H2O (30.88%). It has the highest magnesium content of the various magnesium-based minerals used in industrial applications.

About brucite
Obluchensky district, Jewish Autonomous Region, Russia
Open pit mining
Kuldur deposit
Oktyabrsky district, Jewish Autonomous Region, Russia
Open pit mining
Savkinsky deposit

Mining and Production

thousand tons
of mined ore per year
thousand tons per year
production of end products
tons per day
shipment of finished products
to end consumers
thousand tons per year
production of milled
brucite in Vyazma