MagTreat-P and MagTreat-S received a CO₂e accessed product certificate

MagTreat-P and MagTreat-S received a CO₂e accessed product certificate

20 May 2021

Carbon Footprint Ltd. has provided a life cycle assessment of the two Brucite+ products in terms of their carbon footprint, as a result of which MagTreat®-P and MagTreat®-S have been acknowledged as CO2e accessed products.

Carbon Footprint Ltd. is a well-known organization that stands guard over clean air and sustainability. It is committed to reducing carbon emissions at source and its companies’ and products’ analysis in terms of carbon footprint is highly recognized among the professionals.

The assessment was dedicated to the greenhouse gas emissions associated with 1 kg of MagTreat®-P and MagTreat®-S. This analysis focused on the embodied raw material emissions, the transport of these materials, the manufacture, processing and limited distribution of each product. Following the assesment it was concluded that the carbon footprint of both MagTreat®-P and MagTreat®-S is fairly low.

The total cradle to gate product footprint lifecycle emissions for a kg of MagTreat®-P and MagTreat®-S are 752 gCO2e and 488 gCO2e respectively on the basis of DAP Antwerpen port. It is important to note that transport accounts for the majority of the total emissions for both products, 87.8% and 87.0% for MagTreat®-P and MagTreat®-S respectively.

Product distribution is the largest proportion (440 gCO2e) of MagTreat®-P’s emissions, due to the journey between Vyazma and Wide Scope in Belgium, by truck. The emission on the basis on FCA Vyazma-Brucite accounts for 312 gCO2e per 1 kg of MagTreat®-P.

For MagTreat®-S, this section of the transport is included in the transport of materials, as there is another stage of manufacturing before distribution. It should be noted that product distribution accounts for moving the product to its distribution center and not to the end-user.

Emissions (gCO2e)

Raw materials - embodied 17 11
Raw materials transport
220 421
75 52
Product distribution
440 4
Disposal of waste/offcuts <1 <1
Total 752 488
Table 1. Life cycle assessment of MagTreat®-P and MagTreat®-S

According to the assessment the emissions caused by extraction of the brucite ore are close to zero accounting for 9 gCO2e per 1 kg which indicates that the ore has very low carbon footprint and it is close to be a carbon neutral raw material.

Products made from the brucite mineral are environmentally friendly and do not harm nature and humans! The proven low carbon footprint attests to the high quality and safety of Brucite+ products.

Let's take care of the environment together!

From geology to innovation,

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