А new brucite ore beneficiation technology

А new brucite ore beneficiation technology

6 May 2021

Brucite+ does not stand still and continues to develop ways to improve the quality of its final product. In line with this initiative, the company has been implementing a project to re-equip the processing complex of the Kuldur mine, which includes the installation of a modern crushing and sorting complex and the introduction of a new technology of X-ray absorption (XRT) beneficiation, which will make it possible to obtain products of high chemical purity.

On April 6, 2021, the first batch of equipment was delivered to the mine as part of a project to introduce a new beneficiation technology. Technical re-equipment of the crushing and sorting section will significantly increase the productivity of the enterprise. The introduction of a new beneficiation method, in turn, is intended to take Brucite + products to the next level.

The currently used X-ray radiometric method (XRF) of separation makes it possible to obtain medium-grade products from low-grade products, and XRT separation is able to check product quality not only by the surface properties of the material, like XRF does, but also inside the piece. Due to that, the Brucite+ final products will be distinguished by their high quality and chemical purity with a low content of impurities.

Tests have shown that using XRT separation it is possible to obtain high-quality brucite products with an MgO content of 64-66 %; CaO less than 1.5% ; SiO2 less than 1.5-2.0 % even from low-grade products.

The use of modern equipment based on sensors and electronic systems will make it possible to flexibly regulate the quality of the resulting products, taking into account the needs of specific customers.

It is planned that the new complex will operate in an experimental-industrial mode from October 2021, and will switch to industrial use from January 2022.

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