Europiren has delivered a presentation at Fire Resistance in Plastics Virtual 2021

Europiren has delivered a presentation at Fire Resistance in Plastics Virtual 2021

12 Mar 2021

The annual international conference Fire Resistance in Plastics was held online on February 20-23, 2021. It is a leading forum for discussing the latest developments in the sphere of flame retardants.

Fire Resistance in Plastics annually brings together the leading players in the field — flame retardant manufacturers, polymer suppliers, representatives of industry associations and research institutes, end users of fire-resistant products — to exchange experience and find new solutions for the rapidly developing industry.

This year the event was held in a virtual format, which simplified participation for many companies and provided an opportunity to attend it without leaving the office.

The conference was attended by 140 companies from 24 countries of the world; 17 speakers presented their reports on the current developments of the fire retardants market.

Technical Director of Europiren Alexander Kulichenko delivered a speech on the topic «Influence of the mineral composition of brucite on the flame retardancy of halogen free polymer compounds». It was devoted to the product EcoPiren®, which is used as an effective mineral flame retardant and smoke suppressant for polymer compounds. It reduces smoke emission and prevents the formation of burning droplets during combustion. The application of EcoPiren® achieves the highest grades of fireproof classifications in polymer systems. EcoPiren® is non-toxic and safe to handle; it meets all the requirements of environmental protection legislation.

The audience appeared to be deeply interested in the report, as evidenced by the questions that followed the presentation. The viewers were keen to find out how to check the purity of brucite during the incoming inspection, how the TGA method can be simulated and how to choose the method of testing for fire resistance.

The Fire Resistance in Plastics conference has proved to be an effective tool for dealing with key industry issues, promoting products and expanding business even being held online.

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