Europiren B. V.  is introducing a new corporate style

Europiren B. V. is introducing a new corporate style

6 May 2021

An exclusive distributor of Brucite+ products in Europe Europiren B.V. has started the transition to a new corporate style.

At the beginning of 2020, a rebranding process in the Group of Companies under the management of RMCC LLC began. It is designed to unite seemingly scattered companies, facilitate their perception and strengthen the international status of their activities. In 2021, the formation of the architecture of the new brand was completed and a new website was presented. Today Brucite + is an umbrella brand, which includes four companies led by a management organization and seven product lines (EcoPiren®, MagPro®, MagTreat®, AgroMag®, FluMag®, BleachMag®, MagAdd®).

As part of the transition to a new brand, it was decided to rebrand the European distributor of the company as well. In line with this initiative, a new Europiren logo designed in the style of Brucite+ was introduced in the spring of 2021. The visual style of the logo is based on the system-forming element of the corporate style - the brucite mineral itself, which is the basis for all the company’s products. The next step in the transition to a new corporate identity is the launch of a new website, the development of which has already begun.

The transformation of the corporate style will help Europiren to become more flexible, neat and attractive to the target audience, will mark an inextricable connection to Brucite+ and thereby facilitate communication with customers and partners.
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