From geology to innovation: RMCC has introduced the new Brucite+ brand

From geology to innovation: RMCC has introduced the new Brucite+ brand

10 Feb 2021

In early 2020, we began creation of the corporate brand Brucite+, designed to facilitate the perception of the Group of companies and strengthen the international status of our activities. Throughout the year, active work has been done to ensure that the new brand meets modern market realities, is flexible, neat and attractive to you — our partners.

Today Brucite + is an umbrella system that brings together four manufacturing companies, led by a management organization, and seven product lines. In Europe, the brand’s products are represented by an exclusive distributor — Europiren B. V. The structuring of work and the transformation of the corporate style allow the brand to become more understandable for the target audience and greatly simplify the communication. We are confident that the introduction of a new brand, the structuring of our work and the transformation of the corporate style will allow us to become more flexible, attractive and accessible to customers and partners, who, owing to these changes, will find it easier to communicate with the Group.

In order to match the new corporate style and facilitate communication, we have launched a modern website using the latest technologies and web design trends. Our goal was to develop a clear and user-friendly interface which underlines our core values. The updated Brucite+ website provides a wealth of information about the brand architecture and the history behind it, brucite itself, our deposits and applications, as well as up-to-date information on products and offerings. You can find the new website at

The updated laconic corporate style is intended to emphasize the core values and competitive advantages of Brucite+, which include high quality products, high-tech mining and production, environmental protection, ability to solve problems of many industries and willingness to offer solutions that have no analogues in the world. The brand underlines the versatility of brucite applications and our commitment to realizing our leadership in the supply of high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials for the development of global commercial industries with care for the environment.

On behalf of Brucite+, we hope that the new corporate brand will strengthen cooperation with our customers and partners and bear fruitful results!

From geology to innovation,

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